Old Cheng Du is proud to have been featured in the “One Belt One Road” documentary by CCTV4 for our authentic Sichuan cuisine.

A cuisine that speaks volumes. Such is the depth of the Sichuan culinary tradition whose formative years go back as early as the 17th century during the Qing Dynasty. Sichuan food is a class of its own with its distinctive combination of numbing, spicy, fresh, and pungent flavours. At the heart of the cuisine is the unique Sichuan chilli peppers which give the signature taste of numbing spicy Sichuan food. Never underestimate the fiery palettes of your dear friends from Sichuan and Chongqing!


Created in 2007 by top culinary chefs, Old Cheng Du honours and celebrates this rich tradition of Sichuan cooking: Selecting the finest ingredients, displaying impeccable knife skills, building harmonious flavour profiles, and putting it altogether meticulously for a flawless execution of every dish.


Today, our flagship restaurant in Chinatown attracts hundreds of foodies on a daily basis. Since our special feature in CCTV4’s “One Belt OneRoad” documentary, we are proud to be the face of Singapore in the region as the go-to restaurant for locals and tourists alike. Our Double Boiled fish, Kham Cow Innards, Cold Pot Fish, Spicy Frog and Pig Intestine in a Pot, etc., are just some of the many classic dishes that have stood the test of time as crowd favourites for many of our Du fans. Come experience the Old Cheng Du difference today at our restaurant!

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