Our flagship Old Chengdu Restaurant first opened its doors in 2009. Located in an iconic shophouse on Pagoda Street, you can’t miss our restaurant—we’re right next to Exit A of the Chinatown MRT. For close to a decade, we have been serving our customers with an attention to every detail, from the finest ingredients to the professional service from our chefs and servers.

Every dish here takes inspiration from our restaurant founders’ Sichuan roots and the local palate on this tropical island. The result is a menu that redefines but stays true to the rich flavours of the Sichuan cuisine. And there’s nothing like good food without a good glass of wine or beer. Our wine list is a celebration of the East and the West.

Choose from any of our Chinese white wines: the Maotai, Wuliangye, and Gujingong for a traditional pariing, or dive into an exciting pairing with any of our French reds, each specially selected from a Bordeaux winery. Then, there’s our occasional beer promotion for all beer lovers to spice things up. With over 200 staple dishes and seasonal selections, there is always something new waiting for you at Old Chengdu Restaurant.

Located at 5 Mosque Street, Frog Meat Fish Head is an extension of the Old Chengdu restaurant concept. At Frog Meat Fish Head, every steaming Sichuan hotpot is a celebration of traditional cuisine and local innovation. Our philosophy? The rich flavours of traditional Sichuan cuisine, with a focus on healthier eating: “less oil” and “less additives”. Our star ingredients? Live bull frogs that are freshly prepared and cooked, tender fish head meat, and our very own herbal soup base that’s simmered for hours with 36 Chinese herbs. And that’s our recipe for an authentic and nourishing hotpot. With six different soup bases and our delicious spread of side specials, you will be spoilt for choice at Frog Meat Fish Head.

The flagship Old Chengdu Restaurant opened in 2009, but our story really began in 2006. We started with a humble food stall in the People’s Park Complex in Chinatown. Our Old Chengdu Ma La Tang (“Numbing Spicy Soup”) was where many of our customers fell in love with the numbing spicy taste of Sichuan food for the first time.

Ma La Tang made a wave in the Singapore food scene, with customers returning for more and Singaporeans having a greater appreciation of the Sichuan cuisine. With Zhen Hao He, we wanted to give our customers the option to enjoy Ma La Tang’s fiery hot Sichuan dishes with chilled teas and desserts.

Our quest brought us to Taiwan where we mastered the art of Taiwanese desserts and drinks, including the art of making the famed yam balls in Jiufen. Today, Zhen Hao He offers 30 over different beverages and desserts that can be enjoyed on their own or along with our Ma La Tang dishes.

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